International award winning photographer Andrea Francolini –‘Drew’ for those who can never pronounce his name correctly – is a well-known sailing photographer down-under.

He has close to 200 cover shots published in Australia alone and has worked with many yachts in Australia or visiting Australia such as: super maxi Wild Oats XI, Richard Branson’s ‘Necker Belle’, Ellen McArthur’s ‘B&Q Castorama’, Money Penny, VOR70 Giacomo, Chinese maxi Beau Geste Racing Team just to name a few and a great deal of events around Australia such as Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, Skandia Geelong Race week, etc.

Based in Sydney Australia since December 2000, Andrea was born in Milan Italy, in the early 70’s and was educated in the USA and Switzerland.

His freelance career has seen him working on every continent around the world, aided by his fluent English, French and Italian.

Starting his career in the graphic design industry in Europe, in past two decades Andrea has specialised in yachting photography. His images are regularly published across Europe and in North America and heavily in the South Pacific.

Regardless of it being a floating bathtub or a multimillion dollar super yacht, if it floats there is a good chance Andrea has photographed.

Far from his comfort on the water Andrea is also the founder of the Australian charity My First School which has the aim to facilitate and improve education in northern Pakistan. Visit the My First School website