Australian luxury cruiser manufacturer Maritimo was officially launched in 2002, but its roots date back more than four and a half decades when company founder and international marine sector stalwart Bill Barry-Cotter built his first timber boat.

Barry-Cotter, born in Adelong, in the NSW Snowy Mountains region in 1944, has built and launched almost 5000 boats during his career and often jokes that its ‘takes 45 years to build a Maritimo’.

When the company was first launched in 2002, after two private equity firms bought out Barry-Cotter’s stake in Australian cruiser manufacturer Riviera, the annual production was in the order of 380 vessels.

Maritimo is now represented at all the major international boat shows globally and has an ever-expanding network of dealer partners representing the brand in 17 countries across 6 continents. The company’s customer base is spread globally and many Maritimo buyers are repeat purchasers who are staunchly loyal to the brand and to the man behind it, Bill Barry-Cotter.

The Maritimo range spans from 51 feet through to in excess of 70 feet and every vessel produced has the same inherent qualities of exemplary seakeeping ability, bespoke design and finish, economical and low maintenance operation, fuel efficiency, Australia toughness and long-range performance.

As for his legacy Barry-Cotter says: ” I will be very happy if in 50 years time someone somewhere is floating around in a Maritimo and enjoying life’.