Over the past 30 years, Matty Zadnikar has earned his spurs as a serial entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry responding to the industrial service needs. As a child Zadnikar used to spend hours in marinas of the Mediterranean, daydreaming of the yachts he saw cruising by. Having chartered and owned several boats and superyachts over the past 35 years, Zadnikar is an ‘a-typical’ yacht owner.

Unlike many yacht brokers, SeaNet Co-Founder and CEO Matty Zadnikar also has personal experience in building and owning luxury yachts. He currently owns a Benetti Delfino 93’. In 2014, after a sabbatical year and having had a life-long passion for yachts, the opportunity to create a company that furthered his love for yachts was one not to be missed. 

SeaNet is your expert in Custom Yacht Ownership offering new and experienced owners a variation of ownership models. Based on their individual needs, a tailor-made solution is offered: both full ownership as well as co-ownership of Benetti and Azimut Grande yachts (specialising in yachts ranging from 27-40 meters).

Owning a yacht has never been a more enjoyable experience. SeaNet ensures that every element is taken care of: from expert ownership guidance on model and design, supervision of build process, management of crew and yacht service, and a comprehensive concierge.