angus mcdonald

Angus McDonald has always loved the ocean and is passionate about advancing the sustainability of the maritime sector in Australia. As co-founder and CEO of Maritime Impulse he has helped launch MERC, the Maritime Emissions Reduction Coalition, to do just that.

He co-authored a research paper on decarbonising the Australian fishing industry and contributed to a strategic analysis of innovations to promote the commercial and sustainability goals of the Pacific Islands’ tuna industry. The research he did into alternate fuels and decarbonisation options for small and large commercial vessels has guided his approach to pragmatically improving sustainability.

He has consulted on strategy to large organisations and start-ups alike and has managed SaaS products for two publicly listed Australian software companies. He completed the Sydney to Hobart race at 16 years of age, before the rules changed to prevent non-adult competitors, grew up around yachts and is a descendant of merchant mariners.